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Refer a friend, and they’ll get $5 off their first order on our website at Once they make their first purchase, you’ll also get $5 as a thank-you from us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Refer A Friend?

Simple! Once you’re logged in to your Three Arrows account, simply visit this page to send or share the referral offer.

What do my friends need to do so I can get my reward credit?

Your friend must use the referral link found in the email that they receive for your friend to get their credit. Your friend has to shop on within 30 days of receiving their code.

How do my friends receive their offer?

Once you send the offer, your friend(s) will receive an email with the offer code via the link in the email.

When should I expect to receive my reward credit?
When your referral friend shops through your referral link, uses the referral code and spends $50 on their first purchase, your $15 off $50 purchase reward will be sent to you via email to enjoy.
How can I see how many friends I’ve referred and how many referrals rewards I’ve earned?
On the referral tab on the Refer a Friend page in your account.