Bamboo Dish & Vegetable Brush

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Our Bamboo Dish & Vegetable Brush is made of sustainable bamboo and natural sisal scrubbing fibers. Pair with our bamboo soap tray and your favorite solid dish soap for natural cleaning. Simply swipe the brush over your solid dish soap and get to scrubbing!

Solid dishwashing soap sold separately.

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Our Dish & Vegetable Brush is made from 100% natural components and replaces brushes made with plastic handles and bristles. As plastic bristles wear down, they release tiny bits of micro-plastics into the environment. These pieces of plastic are consumed by marine life and have entered the food supply chain.

Additional Information

Bamboo is antibacterial by nature, clean, indestructible and renewable material. Compare with regular wood, bamboo absorbs little moisture and does not shrink or swell. Each brush can be used for 1-3 months. Do not submerge or soak the wooden parts in water. Hang to dry or place in a dry spot after each use. Continue using this brush until the bristles no longer work, then compost or bury in garden or dispose in a green waste bin. Stop using the brush and replace it if you see any mold growth.

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