Double-Sided Safety Razor, Black

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Prevent bumps and irritation with our Double-Sided Safety Razor. By shaving at skin level, it helps to prevent nicks, tugs, and bumps by carefully removing hair from the skin’s surface, instead of uprooting hair beneath it like most multi-blade razors. Eliminate cheap disposable razors and cartridges - our razor uses standard Stainless Steel replacement blades that cost pennies per shave and are 100% biodegradable. Includes 10 stainless steel blades.

Shaving Basics

For Best Results

Try to shave when your pores are open, like right after a hot shower. Use a high-quality shaving cream or Shave Soap. Always finish your shave with a facial toner, after shave, or other moisturizer.

Hold the Safety Razor at about a 30° angle. Holding the logo on the head against your skin, tilt the handle until the blade just touches your skin. Don't apply pressure, be gentle and let the weight of the razor do the work. Keep your glides short and always shave in the direction your hair is growing to prevent ingrown hairs.

Changing the Blade

You should always use a new blade for a new shave. Using dull blades can cause tugging, irritation and razor bumps, among other issues. If you have coarse hair or a thick beard, multiple blade changes may be needed during a single shave.

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Kris L.
Really nice razor. I didn't

Really nice razor. I didn't really like the shave of the blades that came with it, but the razor itself is great/works well with other blades like feathers etc., and since using it I've had no razor burn issues. I'm a woman and wanted to break away from a lifetime of using cartridge razors; this safety razor has been a nice replacement.

Michael D.


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